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  DUSTIN THE TURKEY a true dubliner?  


Where does he come from?

Dustin was born on a remote farm somewhere outside of Dublin (this has something to do with his hatred of Culchies). He discovered at an early age that he was different from his fellow Turkeys and decided that he was not going to end up as a Christmas dinner. With this in mind he set off to Dublin (this was the brainchild for the single "Thumbin' Home Now") as he considers Dublin his town. On arrival in Dublin he was soon picked up by talent scouts and made his guest appearance on TV with the infamous Zig & Zag on RTE2. His good looks, charm and wit soon made him a household name (instead of a household dinner) throughout Ireland. At one point even considered entering into the political arena with his party called Fianna Fowl, but decided he was too honest to be politician. He has made his nest (sorry home) somewhere in the Ballybrack/Sallynoggin area, the exact location has been kept a well guarded secret due to his mega stardom status.


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